1.  Always use the correct verb form. 

Consult a guide for help with irregular verbs.

2.  Additional subject-verb agreement rules:

  • “There” or “here” is never the subject.
    Examples: There are two books on the subject.
    Here are the paints you need.
  • Treat two subjects joined by and as a plural subject; think of the conjunctive and as a plus sign.
    Example:  The parents and their child sit in this room while waiting.
  • When two subjects are joined by or or nor, make the verb agree with the subject nearer the verb.
    Example:  Marjorie or her kids are going with us.
  • A collective noun usually takes a singular verb.
    Example:  The committee meets on Monday, at 1:30.
  • In formal writing, treat anybody, anyone, everybody, everyone, nobody, no one, and nothing as singular nouns.
    Example:  Everyone in the offices was surprised when students brought their children to class to demonstrate for more on-campus daycare.

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