This website belongs to Louie Crew, professor Emeritus of English at Rutgers University.  He’s had this poetry page up and running since 1996 and keeps it updated (once a month!).  It is full of great resources – literally hundreds of links and suggestions – check it out!   Click on his name to be redirected to his webpage.

(site located by Deanna Tollefson.)


The nation’s largest nonprofit organization serving creative writers.



We welcome submissions of polished, literary poems which address a broad range of human experience. There are no restrictions on length or subject matter, and we will consider both traditional and experimental forms. Surprise us.

Please send 3-5 poems and a bio of not more than 100 words.  Your poems and bio should be sent as a single attachment.  Your attachment should be either an MS Word document (files ending in .doc) or an .rtf file.  

         If you are unable to submit in those formats please paste your submission into the body of the email.

We accept short fiction, up to 1000 words in length, and encourage submissions that have been written,            re-written, and reviewed by your friends and fellow-writers. Submissions should be sent as an attachment to your email, with “fiction” in the subject line.  

Suprise us!  We enjoy a wide range of art/photography.  All submissions will be considered for both the cover and interior.  All art/photo submissions should be sent as an  attachment to the email.  We would appreciate smaller file sizes and will request any larger files if the work is accepted.


From Deanna Tollefson: “If you have a poem that isn’t quite finished or you simply want to have a poem out there on the World Wide Web (as opposed to being published), this is a fun website. This site has poetry workshops so you can get advice on your poems, or you can post completed poems “for posterity.” They have poet information, an archive of classic poems, and poetry links.”


The Poetry Foundation: A leader in shaping a receptive climate for poetry

“The Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry Magazine, is an independent literary organization committed to a vigorous presence for poetry in our culture. It exists to discover and celebrate the best poetry and to place it before the largest possible audience” (from the webpage).  Click here to be redirected to the webpage.



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