Travel Writers

Travel books by Americans: 20th or 21st Century Nonfiction Writers

Any of the authors in Contemporary Creative Nonfiction in books on travel themes; examples: M.F. K. Fisher’s journals, if available as book; full books from which travel or travel-related pieces are taken.

Note: some titles available as books on CD (or other electronic forms) that you can listen to while driving, exercising, etc.: check Boise Public and Albertson Library

Abbey, Edward. Desert Solitaire

Angelou, Maya. All God’s Children Got Travelin’ Shoes

Bryson, Bill. A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail. Broadway; Reprint edition 1999. 304 pages
Bryson, Bill. Notes from a Small Island. NY: Bantam Doubleday Dell: 1995. 330 pages

Cahill, Tim. A Wolverine Is Eating My Leg, Vintage Books: 1989. ISBN 0-679-72026-X
Cahill, Tim. Dolphins (book), National Geographic: 2000. ISBN 0-7922-7594-2
Cahill, Tim. Hold the Enlightenment, Villard: 2002. ISBN 0-375-50766-3
Cahill, Tim. Jaguars Ripped My Flesh: Adventure Is a Risky Business, Bantam Books: 1987. ISBN 0-553-34276-2
Cahill, Tim. Lost in My Own Backyard: A Walk in Yellowstone National Park. Crown Publishers, 2004 [abridged]. Estimated 125 pages—add to another. [on CD at Boise Public]
Cahill, Tim. Pass the Butterworms: Remote Journeys Oddly Rendered, Villard: 1997. ISBN 0-679-45625-2
Cahill, Tim. Pecked to Death by Ducks, Random House: 1993. ISBN 0-679-40735-9
Cahill, Tim. Road Fever: A High-Speed Travelogue, Random House: 1991. ISBN 0-394-57656-X

Chandler, Raymond. The Big Sleep( novel?) Crown Journeys: 2004. ISBN 1-4000-4622-X

Ehrlich, Gretel. Islands, the Universe, Home
Ehrlich, Gretel. Questions of Heaven (Boston: Beacon Press, 1997 [Tibet]
Ehrlich, Gretel. The Solace of Open Spaces

Fairchild, David. Garden Islands of the Great East: Collecting Seeds from the Philippines and Netherlands India in the Junk ‘Cheng Ho’ (about Cheng Ho)

Finkel, David. Reporting, forced migration, not “typical” travel; awards for newspaper journalism; not sure if he has published books.

Frazier, Ian. The Great Plains

Gornick, Vivian. In Search of Ali Mahmoud

Harris, Eddy. Mississippi Solo

Hemingway, Earnest. Essays/reporting from Spain, Europe

Hessler, Peter. Oracle Bones: A Journey through Time in China. NY: HarperCollins, 2006: 491 pp; Uehling has
Hessler, Peter. River Town: Two Years on the Yangtze. NY: HarperCollins, 2001: 402 pp.; Uehling has

Holm, Bill. Coming Home Crazy: An Alphabet of China Essays. Minneapolis: Milkweed Editions, 1990: 259 pp.;

Iyer, Pico. Video Night in Kathmandu: 379 pp.; Uehling has

Kerouac, Jack. On the Road; 254 pp.; Uehling has

Kincaid, Jamaica. A Small Place. (NY: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1988) 81 pp.—combine with another book;

Kingston, Maxine Hong. China Men

Krakauer, Jon. Into the Wild: 207 pp.; Uehling has
Krakauer, Jon. Into Thin Air: 378 pp.; Uehling has

Lee, Andrea. (African-American), Russian Journal (1978)

Legler, Gretchen. on Antarctica and fishing

McCarthy, Mary. The Stones of Florence (novel?)

McPhee, John. Coming into the Country: 438 pp.; Uehling has.
McPhee, John. other titles: “The Search for Marvin Gardens,” “Travels in Georgia,” “From Burnham Wood to Dunisnane,” various essays; several in The John McPhee Reader: Uehling has

Momaday, M. Scott. The Way to Rainy Mountain

Muir, John. My First Summer in the Sierra

Nye, Naomi Shihab. Never in a Hurry: Essays on People and Places (1996)

Offutt, Chris. The Same River Twice: includes section on traveling with the circus

Paterniti, Michael. Driving Mr. Albert: A Trip across America with Einstein’s Brain, Dial Press, 2000. ISBN 0385333005; 224 page

Peacock, Doug. The Grizzly Years-recommended by Sean McKenzie; Peacock is a friend of  Edward Abbey’s; Peacock is a Vietnam in his book he flashes to scenes while he was in Vietnam and then flashes back to scenes while he’s out in the wilderness with grizzly bears.

Perelman, S. J. The Swiss Family Perelman
Perelman, S. J. Westward Ha!

Perl, Sondra. On Austrian Soil: Teaching Those I Was Taught to Hate. Albany, NY: State U of NY P: 2005. 228 pages: teaching and travel; Uehling has

Roorbach, Bill. Summers with Juliet. Columbus: Ohio State U P, 1992; 292 pp.: Uehling has
Roorbach, Bill. Temple Stream: A Rural Odyssey. NY: Dial Press/Random House, 2005; 288 pp.: Uehling has

Salzman, Mark. Iron & Silk. NY: Vintage, 1990; 211 pp.: Uehling has

Schneebaum, Tobias. Keep the River on Your Right (1955): Peru, lived with Stone Age tribe of cannibals: went nude for this.

Steinbeck, John. Travels with Charlie.

Theroux, Paul. Dark Star Safari (2002)
Theroux, Paul. Fresh Air Fiend (2000)
Theroux, Paul. Nurse Wolf and Dr. Sacks (2001)
Theroux, Paul. Riding the Iron Rooster: By Train through China Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1988; 528 pages: Uehling has
Theroux, Paul. Sailing through China (1984)
Theroux, Paul. Sir Vidia’s Shadow (1998)
Theroux, Paul. Sunrise with Sea Monsters (1985)
Theroux, Paul. The Great Railway Bazaar (1975)
Theroux, Paul. The Happy Isles of Oceania (1992)
Theroux, Paul. The Imperial Way (1985)
Theroux, Paul. The Kingdom by the Sea (1983)
Theroux, Paul. The Old Patagonian Express (1979)
Theroux, Paul. The Pillars of Hercules (1995)
Theroux, Paul. To the Ends of the Earth (1990)
Theroux, Paul. V.S. Naipaul, an Introduction to His Work (1972)

Trench, Richard. Forbidden Sands

Wharton, Edith. In Morocco (novel?)

Whitehead, Colson. The Colossus of New York: A City in Thirteen Parts.


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