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“So you want be a travel writer? Or a more successful one than you are?This site aims to provide information and opinions from a variety of angles, with no chirpy promises about how you’ll travel around the world for free, and no sugar-coated advice followed by lots of exclamation points. Travel writing can be fun and rewarding, but like most anything worthwhile, doing it well takes a lot of dedication, study, and hard work. And the actual earnings are the last thing you will want to write home about. You can absorb these resources in any order you’d like, perhaps letting experience be your guide. Those of us who been working as travel writers for more than 10 years wish we could have had this kind of insider info back when we started. It would have saved us a lot of trial and error mistakes. Make the most of it! —Tim Leffel

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“Bootsnall” is a travel network that sells flights, hotels, etc., but this writer’s spin-off seeks travel writing–“offers new and emerging writers a place to publish travel articles”–recommended by Michelle Gluch, 2010 English alumni


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Looking for a way to write about your next trip?
Check out this website!

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“The Visit” Winner of the 2006 Narrative Travel Writing Contest

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This is the link to Yahoo’s Directory to Travel Guides


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A Travel Site for the Nostalgic and Historic Minded



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